Evidence shows that over 1/3 of all food produced globally goes to waste and that in most developed countries, over half of all food waste takes place in the home. This costs the average UK household an estimated £700 per year ($2,275 in the USA).

The annual cost of food wasted globally is $1 trillion and25% of the world’s fresh water supply is used to grow food that is never eaten. Nearly all the world’s one billion hungry people could be fed on less than a quarter of the food that is wasted in the US, UK and Europe!

So what can we do at home to reduce #FoodWaste?

Please add YOUR suggestions by commenting on the forthcoming Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts, or by contacting us here with the tag #FoodWaste.

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Guildford Borough Local Plan Meeting

On Wednesday evening 9 May, Guildford Borough Councillor executives will be out in force at East Horsley Village Hall to give the latest news on progress towards finalisation of the new Local Plan for the Borough.

Following a request from GBC Leader
Paul Spooner, the village will be delighted to welcome him to our Annual Parish Meeting along with Deputy GBC Leader, Matt Furniss and Richard Billington, Lead GBC Councillor for the Rural Economy, Countryside, Parks and Leisure.

They will be in the hot seat opposite our resident interviewer, Steve Harvey, and questions will also be taken from the floor.

It all kicks off at 7.30 with your Parish Council’s annual report, followed by the GBC Local Plan Update shortly after 8.00.

Please email your questions for the GBC Leaders to

Space will be limited and it will be first come, first served, so don’t be late!

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Horsleys Community Fund


The HCF was founded in 2010 in partnership with the Community Foundation of Surrey to inspire local giving for local needs – now entering its 8th year it is doing just that and going from strength to strength.

It is steered by a local panel of East and West Horsley residents who make sure that those in need have access to the Fund. Although the County of Surrey is one of the richest in the UK, local government support is very limited and indeed reducing. We already rely on a large network of groups, charities and volunteers to meet the growing social and environmental needs of the Villages; through investing in the HCF we can enhance the work of these groups and take advantage of future possibilities.

To date we are proud to have awarded over 43 grants totally £33,000, however there is more demand for support and funds than we are able to meet which means that we need to fundraise – if you are interested in supporting us or holding an event just get in touch! If you or anyone you know could benefit from our support please also get in contact.

Call Clare Mathias on 01483 281755 or email for more information.

Donations may attract Gift Aid which is a very tax efficient way of giving ! Watch out for our new Legacies leaflet due in the Spring.

You will find all our grants listed in our Annual Review or highlighted in our E-newsletter. You can also see Read about “Surrey Uncovered” which reveals the hidden need in our local communities and using the latest statistics, tells a story about the surprising inequalities and social disadvantage throughout the county.

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A ‘day in the life of’ a Horsley volunteer Neighbourhood Connector

I am a volunteer for Horsley Neighbourhood Connections once a month for two hours. This is a community project that aims to help people live well in the Horsley’s by offering a listening ear and providing information and guidance on support services, statutory and voluntary, as well as local activity and interest groups. It is based in the Horsley Medical Practice.

Although my co-volunteers are retired, I work full time, but have agreed with my employer to have one Wednesday afternoon off a month to do this role and I make up the time another day. There is a small group of us who each volunteer in this way and manage to cover every Wednesday afternoon from 2 to 4pm.

The receptionists book appointments for us and my afternoon starts by saying hello and collecting the folders with all the forms and information that I need for my shift. We are allocated one of the doctors’ rooms to see people in and I notice that my first lady is waiting for me already.

During the afternoon I see three people and its surprising how the time flies by.

The first lady needs a food bank voucher and we are a designated centre to write them out and explain where to go in Cobham to pick up food. Whilst we are talking I ask if there is any other support that we can offer her and we talk about her recent move to the area. She is struggling as she does not have a hoover or washing machine and I explain about a local charity that may be able to help. We agree that she comes back next week to talk to my colleague as I will find out the contact details of the charity and how best to contact them to see if they are able to help with these one off purchases.

My next appointment is with a couple, both of whom look amazing in their 90’s and who have lived in Horsley for 55 years. They want help to renew their blue badge form. Filling in forms is so complex, but they have brought along their passports, bank details and we try to complete as much as we can. They will come back in two weeks with photos so that we can finish the forms off.

Finally I have been asked to ring a lady who has told the doctors that she is very lonely after her husband died last year. I introduce myself and explain about our service and what we can offer. She asks me about help with gardening as her husband used to mow their lawn each week, and I suggest some services which can help. She also said that she loves local history and I mentioned the U3A group that runs in Horsley. We agree that she will think about if she would like to come and see us over the coming weeks to discuss this and other activities in Horsley that may suit her.

After each appointment I write a summary in the persons notes that we complete and also in our ‘day book’ – so that the person volunteering next week can see what has been happening and will know what I have discussed with each person.

I drop the folders off with the practice manager and say goodbye to the receptionists. It has been a rewarding afternoon, not only personally as I feel that we are providing a much needed service, but also these people may have had no alternative but to see the doctors or receptionists for help and advice and this increases their already demanding workload.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact:   Kim Tolley on 07540 704857 or e mail The first step would be for you to shadow us to see if the role is for you before you commit to volunteering.

Cold callers: tips to avoiding fraud


I hope we all had a lovely Christmas and a happy new year’s eve celebration. Please spare a thought for those who did not and may feel alone or vulnerable at this time.

The Horsley’s are a wonderful example of community spirit, neighbours saying hello and keeping a look out for each other. We like to be friendly and welcoming, long may that continue, but this should not be an excuse to completely lower our guard. I’ve recently had reports from relatives receiving cold phone calls from people pretending to be from a bank, the police and other bodies asking for bank details and personal information such as passwords!

  • Never give these details out, your bank would never ask for your password.
  • If in doubt, hang up then later call the bank in question or the department they allege to be as genuine agencies accept this procedure.
  • Try get a name or number from the caller.
  • Genuine callers won’t mind and again, they never ask for passwords or bank details randomly.
  • Then if suspicious, call Surrey Police on 101 and let them know.

For further information see;

The UK’s national fraud and cybercrime reporting centre:
Telephone: 0300 123 2040

volunteeringIS adjusted


If you have taken some time out to care for your children and want to get back into working life and build up your experience and skill mix on your CV, volunteering is a great way to start. Read more here for some ideas and resources.

Similarly if you have recently retired or simply want to give back a little to your community, volunteering is a great way to help.

We will be adding to this over time. If you know of any local charitable organisations that you think should be in this section or that you would recommend, please contact us here. If you run a local charity or not-for-profit organisation and would like to advertise in our business directory so that you are listed in this section, please add your listing here

Local opportunities

Horsley Neighbourhood Connections

This is a fantastic project, set up & funded by Guildford Borough Council and the Diocese of Guildford. It is a volunteer-based service which aims to offer solutions to diverse practical questions and to reduce social isolation and loneliness among older people and vulnerable adults in the Horsley’s. Commitment could be a few hours per week or month, depending on your availability.

Our volunteers can face a very wide range of questions; for example:

  • how can I get transport to my dentist now I no longer drive?
  • can you tell me how to access the local food bank and provide food bank vouchers?
  • can you help me fill in forms for a blue badge or attendance allowance?
  • who can I trust to provide honest advice on making my bathroom safe?
  • how can I find a reliable gardener?
  • is there an activity group in Horsley that shares my interests (and if so how can I join it)?
  • where can I get support for my relative or neighbour who suffers from dementia?

As a volunteer you don’t have to know all the answers, just where to obtain advice, and some of the answers are in the recent publication “Living and Ageing well in the Horsleys”.

After operating for nearly a year we now urgently need new volunteers to help keep the service fully open and cope with the increasing demand for appointments. Would you like to be involved in a service that provides information and guidance relating to support services in Horsley? Would you be willing to give up half a day a month to help ensure that the service can remain open throughout the year? Full training will be provided.   It’s a wonderful opportunity to get involved in your local community and help make a real difference.

If you are interested please contact:   Kim Tolley on 07540 704857 or e mail


Horsley library

There are many ways that you can join in and help with library services, ranging from one-off or short term projects, to those requiring a more regular commitment. You can volunteer to be a Library Direct Home Service volunteer, a Computer buddy or Rhyme-time or Story-time assistant and more. If you are interested you need to complete this Expression of Interest form.

West Horsley Wheel of Care (WHWOC)

WHWOC offers help, support, transport and activities which provide, exercise, companionship and friendship for anyone residing in the parish of West Horsley.

They also host four clubs a week – Scrabble, seated dance, chair yoga & a film club. They are always looking for new volunteers.

Tel:01483 281703.

The office is manned between Monday – Friday 10am – noon (excluding Bank Holidays):

Horsley community bus.
Offers transport to those that are otherwise housebound living in East Horsley.

Contact Kelvin Hayes: Email address   Tel: 01483 283314   Mob: 07530 167283

Horsley & Bookham Riding for the Disabled

You can volunteer from the age of 12 years old, with no upper age limit. No previous experience with horses is required as they offer training in tacking up, leading and side walking with their horses.

They operate six rides each week on Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings and during the day time on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you’re interested in volunteering call Gemma on 01372 458949 after 6pm please or email:

Code club

There is hope that one will be set up in Horsley soon. If you are interested in volunteering please watch this space or sign up to our monthly newsletter.

Surrey-wide opportunities

Volunteer mediators are “active listeners, patient, able to separate facts from feelings, capable of empathy without showing any bias and able to remain detached and not judge people. They do not need any knowledge of the law as they don’t give legal advice.”

Their role is to “oil the wheels” and help disputants sort out things for themselves. Training is provided.

If you are interested in getting involved look at:

Voluntary Action SW Surrey 

They provide support and specialist advice to voluntary, community and faith groups in South West Surrey.  They also help and support people in finding volunteering opportunities.

St John’s Ambulance.

Volunteers provide first aid in their communities, keeping people safe at events, and working alongside the NHS in response to 999 calls. They can also be involved in campaigning to raise awareness of first aid and directly educate the public.

Guildford action volunteering.

Guildford Action is an independent registered charity, which has been working within the local community for over 30 years helping individuals experiencing homelessness as well as isolated families. Issues faced by those we support may include debt, housing, mental health challenges, isolation, relationship breakdown, domestic abuse, parenting skills, employment and substance misuse.

Surrey Wildlife Trust

They need volunteers to help with ad-hoc projects such as clearing scrubland & heathland management.

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Volunteering for teenagers & young people

Are you interested in learning some new skills, meeting people & contributing to your community…..

The benefits of volunteering for teens and young adults are great…

It widens your understanding of other peoples’ lives, giving you a new view of the world, the problems in it and how other people work to manage or solve these.

Giving helps your own health & wellbeing. Volunteer work amongst some of the most severe social problems can also paradoxically be a source of hope.

It expands your own social network, bringing you in contact with people that you might otherwise not meet.

It looks great on college and university applications and is a good reference to discuss at interviews.

Repeated or dedicated work shows commitment and demonstrates that you care about making an impact. This adds real power to your CV.

Local opportunities in Horsley

Neighbourhood Connecters

No specialist skills or experience needed – just compassion and availability. Any experience with vulnerable adults would be beneficial. Volunteers are ‘matched’ with individuals based on their availability, experience, interests and locality. Training is provided and support is given throughout. The commitment involves giving a few hours a week or fortnight for a period of around three to six months. A DBS check must be completed. Contact Rachel Guilford by e-mail on or phone on 07796 098077

Horsley & Bookham Riding for the Disabled

You can volunteer from the age of 12 years old, with no upper age limit. No previous experience with horses is required as they offer training in tacking up, leading and side walking with their horses.

They operate six rides each week on Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings and during the day time on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you’re interested in volunteering call Gemma on 01372 458949 after 6pm please or email:

Other opportunities are listed here.

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