Business directory

If you would like to list your services in our directory, it is FREE!

This will include one image, a brief and detailed description of your service, links to your website and a direct contact form to your service. You can submit your listing hereYou will need to be a signed-up member of Horsley Hub to do this. Sign-up here.


Similarly, you will need to create a business listing here, sign up to the website / newsletter and send the following information here  (with a brief note explaining what the information is for) as a word doc or as text in the body of an e-mail that can be copied and pasted (NOT a PDF doc).

  • Event description – this should include how you would like the event described, any fees etc
  • Location including postcode
  • Dates with start and finish time
  • An image as a JPEG

Listing of events is currently free but there will be a charge for this going forwards later in 2018-19.


We will be introducing a payment system for advertising (on the website & Facebook page) later in 2018/19, which will include a small fee for one off events (above) / adverts and a flat annual fee for more regular events / adverts. We will be providing more details on this later.

There will be an opportunity to advertise in our monthly newsletter going forwards too. This will be limited however to one or two slots a month.

Social media campaigns

We will be introducing a fee for this in 2018/19. This will include advertising on the Facebook page and group, Twitter and Instagram.

Fitness classes

If you are a fitness / yoga / pilates instructor, we have a schedule of local fitness classes which you can be added to by creating a business listing here and signing up to the newsletter and sending a list of your classes here.

Job vacancies and Special Offers

We are also currently creating a space where people will be able to advertise local jobs  and special offers. For now this is free to subscribers of Horsley Hub but will attract a small fee going forward in 2018/19.

If you have any queries, please contact us here.