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Gardening Tips for July

By Claire Brown of Plant Passion
  • Don’t bother watering the grass with this dry weather, but do keep it mown (not too short) as that will keep the weeds at bay, and as soon as we have rain it will come back.
  • Save any collected water and your precious watering time for those things that will appreciate it the most: the vegetables, the roses and the perennials.
  • Last chance to sow Biennials. I’m going to chance one more lot so i’ve got back up, but really they should have been sown by the summer solstice.
  • Enjoy the sunshine, and get out in the garden as much as you can, Scented flowers are important when enjoying the garden, so make a note to plant Jasmine or Trachelospurum for enjoyment next year.
  • If there’s anything you haven’t planted out, they are more likely to survive in the ground than in a small pot. – Dig your hole, fill it with water to dampen the soil all around, wait until it’s drained, then plant, and water again.
  • Slugs will be less in this dry weather, but can still decimate plants particularly Dahlias very quickly, so do protect against them (we’re currently working with slug pubs, and the cheap beer from Sainsburys is doing the best job of catching them!)