dairy free yogurt bark

Yoghurt Bark – a Vegan Treat for all the Family

By Jo Love of Love Interiors

Love food. Well… I’m working on it..

I don’t really do cooking.

Well, what I do is heat and cook food, but I don’t consider it as real cooking. I feel that there needs to be some passion or expression in creating real food, and I do admit I have a bit of fear.

I am lucky, my husband is all over it. Daddy’s kitchen is open most days. When I first met him, I was nursing a hangover and felt the kindness he showed me by coming to my flat and cooking me the most amazing healing food, made with love.

So I get it. However, once I’m home , my creativity has all been spent for the day.

But I do understand the value in what we are putting in our bodies as fuel and nutrition, and am more and more conscious as I get older that this has mental and physical effects on our overall wellbeing, so I feel I have to make it a priority for me and my loved ones. Even though its not my ‘thing.

The most important lesson I have learnt on my personal journey, is that we must look after ourselves to look after others. So it not good enough to create healthy nutritious food for our children, we need to be eating it too.

So how do I try to re-connect with food when I just see it as practical fuel and a bit of a headache?

I’m starting by going back to my childhood and on a journey back to kind food. Food on our plates that has no suffering, ideally vegan, failing that vegetarian, or at the very least, meat from animals that are well cared for and that you don’t mind eating less of, but paying more for the privilege.

So, to honour some creativity from other fabulous people I know who have passion for their food, may I introduce you to AJ,  ‘Keeping it Real Vegan and Shameless’ @life insatiable.com. This lady radiates gorgeousness inside and out! Her blog is great. I’m just hanging around all these wonderful people and hoping that some of it rubs off!

I’m trying the dairy free yogurt bark with my boys this weekend as it’s ridiculously easy! She has lots of other super simple great family meals on her site too.

Dairy Free Yoghurt Barks

You can use these Yogurt Barks as a pudding topper or chuck into your smoothies!


  • Get yourself a tub of dairy free Yogurt of your choice. I went for Koko Dairy Free Yogurt
  • Choice of fruits: we went with whatever we had left in our freezer.


  1. In a flat dish of your choice, this could be a mini loaf tin or a cheese cake tin or even a little take away container with a flat surface.
  2. Pour the desired amount of yogurt into the dish and flatten it out but make sure it is thick enough to become a solid piece
  3. The fun part. DECORATE! Chuck all the fruits over it
  4. Freeze for a couple of hours

How ridiculously simple is that? 

MALIBU Bark:  A bonus recipe for the adults that like a cheeky tipple. 

2 Tablespoons of Malibu into the Yogurt Mixture. If it gets a bit too runny add in a but more yogurt to get it back to a gloopy consistency so it freezes beautifully.