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Gardening tips for June

By Claire Brown of Plant Passion
  • Get everything planted in the garden, as it will have a better chance in hot weather in the ground than in a pot. Soak it really well when planting it. A dunk in a full bucket and holding the pot under water until the bubbles stop will let you know if you’ve got it wet enough.
  • A watering can is a lot better for watering in new plants  than the a hose, and most perennial and shrub plants need about a can of water each over the first week to ensure they establish well, why not cut the bottom off a 2 litre plastic drinks bottle, sink it upside down in the ground next to the plant, and then you’ll know that the roots are getting a really good soaking.
  • If you’ve got a greenhouse, it needs shading now (either netting, or greenhouse shading paint) to prevent scorch on leaves of seedlings and tomatoes
  • If you want Sweet Williams, Foxgloves, Sweet Rocket and Honesty in your garden next year, you need to sow the seeds this weekend. Biennials (those that grow one year and flower the next) need to grow large enough before Autumn to make it through the winter in the ground.
  • Keep mowing your grass regularly even if it isn’t growing long because it is hot, as the weeds will be more able to grow than the grass
  • Please don’t cut your hedges yet, unless they are intruding on footpaths, there are still lots of birds nesting. The RSPB recommends waiting until July to cut hedges.
  • Sit in your garden and enjoy the scent of the summer evenings, with Roses, Jasmine, and Peonies all being at their best this month.
Want more inspiration?  come and see the Plantpassion flower farm this weekend at the first of our summer’s Public open days. Tea and Cake, Field tours, and flowers and plants to buy. 1-5pm Sunday 3rd June., Staple Lane East Clandon, see here for more details