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Fullers Farm via the permissive route – 5K and 10K options

By Graeme Verra from the Horsley Shufflers. 

This is one of 18 routes followed by the Horsley Shufflers, a local group of runners who meet at 8am each Saturday at The Quaich.

There are 10k and 5k options and the routes are suitable for walkers as well as runners / joggers. This full route is notable for on a clear day it has possibly the best view from Horsley looking north and also towards the tall landmarks in London. The route uses public rights of way and permissive paths.

Distance: 10k or a shortened option of 5k

Time: 2 hours or 1 hour

Ability: Full walk (moderate) involves a few sections of steep climb and descent on uneven tracks. In places there are tree roots that present a tripping hazard. The longer route is not suitable for buggies. Shortened option (easy) but with uneven tracks in a few places.

Sections of the route can be muddy after heavy or prolonged rain.

  • Starting at Station Parade go along Kingston Avenue next to Budgens and then continue on the footpath beside the Village Hall.
  • Take the bridleway going left that follows the side of an open area. This is just before the bridge on the right over the railway.
  • After joining the bridleway follow it till you see a gate straight in front of you and the bridleway going left around it. Shortly after the gate go right through a gap in the hedge to join the permissive path towards West Horsley Place.
  • At the end of this path and where it meets another path turn right and follow it behind the grounds of West Horsley Place and the Opera House.
  • Where this path crosses a footpath continue forward and then diagonally on a permissive path that crosses the field in front to a gate at the far side.
  • Go through the gate and turn right. At junction soon afterwards follow the path bearing left. Follow this footpath going towards another gate and continue straight on past the back of Cranmore School and join a minor tarmacked road.
  • At the far boundary of Cranmore School take the marked footpath left up to the slip road (old road) that is above the A246. Turn right before crossing the A246 and then go left at the roundabout up Shere Road.
  • Just over 100m up Shere Road take the marked footpath (a rough tarmacked track) on the right (look for footpath sign on the left side of Shere Road). After about 50m the footpath leaves the track and goes left up a bank just before a house.
  • Follow the footpath squeezing beside a narrow concrete barrier at one point.
  • Follow this narrow footpath until there is an opening on the right hand side with a permissive footpath map (it may be hidden with foliage). This is before the footpath narrows further and before passing gates either side into open fields.
  • Follow the permissive path as it rises and then turns right. At the top there are benches and an opportunity to look at the views. On a clear day you can see Central London and the Wembley Arch.
  • Continue on the permissive footpath and cross over the top end of a downhill track and continue on the permissive footpath going forward.
  • At the next concrete track (a bridleway) turn left* (*There is an option to turn right at the track here and go directly down to Blake’s Lane).
  • Follow the bridleway (track) as it goes up and follow it as it turns right down through a hollow.
  • At the end of the bridleway it meets a tarmacked track where you go right for a short distance towards Fullers Farm. Here the bridleway turns off right and starts its descent on an uneven track.
  • The bridleway descends to Blake’s Lane where you turn right and back to the Epsom Road (A246).
  • Cross over the A246 and go right then take the slip road (old road) that leaves on the left.
  • After about 100m take the footpath signposted off on the left through a gate and follow it to The Street past the back of some houses and along a short section of tarmacked road.
  • At the main junction go left and follow The Street to the railway bridge and then take the footpath along the railway line going right just before the bridge.
  • Follow this footpath back as it runs parallel to the railway line and return to Kingston Avenue.
  • Finish off with some refreshments in the Quaich. This where the runners on Saturday start and finish.

For a shorter 5k route follow the directions above until you pass the back of Cranmore School. Do not take the footpath that goes left but continue on Cranmore Road until it meets The Street. Turn right and re-join the longer route as it continues to the railway bridge and the footpath that goes back to Kingston Avenue.


Horsley Shufflers

Horsley Shufflers is an informal running / jogging group for a range of abilities and ages, male and female. There is no membership and there are no fees. Routes are only suggestions and runs are self-guided with everyone responsible for their own safety and anyone else’s safety they encounter. The routes may include road crossings and other hazards so they may not be suitable for a younger person unless accompanied by an adult.

The group meets at Quaich, East Horsley, Saturday 8am and at The Barley Mow, West Horsley, Tuesday 8pm.  On Saturday there are two run suggestions of approximately 10k and 5k followed by a drink and socialising. On Tuesday the group collectively decides where to go with runs being typically about 7k.

For information, see here.