May bucket of flowers

Gardening Tips for May

Photo credit: Emma Davies

By Claire Brown of Plant Passion

The weather forecast is still predicted to be changeable throughout May, and although we may not get any more frosts, I won’t every forget the year I planted out all my tender annuals, and dahlias and we had a 1 degree on the 24th May, making them all sulk for weeks.  So my tender stuff is still and will stay in the greenhouse until half term week. All the hardy annuals are being planted out though! There’s not enough room in the greenhouse, so i can’t get them out quick enough.

There is still time to sow seeds for August and September such as Nigella, Cornflowers, Amaranthus, Zinnias, Cosmos, Ammi and Nicotiana.

If you’ve shrubs that have already flowered this season or are flowering now, these will be need to be pruned back or thinned before the summer. If you wait until later in the year, you won’t get flowers next spring. Forsythia, Winter Jasmine, Kerria, Lilac, and Viburnum all fall into this category.

If you’ve only cut your grass in one direction so far this season, make sure you change the direction of the stripes this weekend so you don’t weaken it.

If you’ve hedges that are starting to look shaggy already please DON’T be tempted to prune them until July. May and June are the key bird nesting seasons, and after the late and inclement spring, they will need all the help and support they can get from our Horsley hedges to enable them to raise their broods.

I’m planting out my tomatoes in the greenhouse next weekend and beans outside on the allotment, but my courgettes I’ve planted up into a bigger pot, as I’ve found that until they have spiny leaves the slugs will decimate them.

If you haven’t managed to grow any vegetables for yourself, don’t forget the Horsley Garden Society will hold their annual plant sale at West Horsley Village Hall on Saturday 19th May at 2.00pm with a wide range of vegetable plants, and garden annuals and perennials to tempt you.

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