Best Books May: “Eleanor Oliphant is Doing Fine” by Gail Honeyman

by Jane Martin

This wonderful book was recently recommended to me by a friend.  The sort of friend, who, like me, likes a good story regardless of the theme, and if she makes a point of telling me about a book it’s almost certain that I’ll like it. I think I was hooked from the first page – it’s the kind of book that given the chance I would have tried to finish it in one sitting. Even if it means ignoring friends, family, mealtimes and bedtime.

As the title suggests, the story centres around Eleanor Oliphant and her wonderfully intriguing character.  She has had, and continues to have, challenges in life which she deals with in her own unique way. The story takes you through a period of time where unexpected events cause her to move out of her comfort zone and explore new relationships.  The soul of her character is so beautifully written I couldn’t help but root for her every step of the way, willing her along in her quest for love and friendship.  The highs and lows of her story made me laugh and cry and want for more.

It’s a read me anytime kind of book –  on the train to work, a chapter before sleep, a holiday read… Like my friend, I thoroughly recommend it, as do the Sunday Times Bestseller List and the Costa Coffee Book Awards 2017.

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