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February gardening tips


February is the month that everything starts waking up. Already there are Hellebore flowers bursting out of their buds, and the snowdrops are starting to cover the ground

Tips for gardening in the next few weeks

  • Get buying those vegetable seeds that you’re going to need soon, Seed Potatoes, onion sets and Broad beans will need to be purchased this month.
  • Finish pruning Apple trees, and evergreen shrubs, before new growth starts again in March.
  • Buddleya and Cornus plants will need pruning back by the end of the month, both can be cut quite hard if you use the right equipment
  • Go on a slug and snail hunt (kids will love this. Check underneath pots, at the edge of grass paths, and particularly in any Phormium plants. Getting rid of slugs and snails now in February will mean several less generation of molluscs to eat your plants in the summer
  • Clean out any greenhouses ,or lean to’s that you’ll be putting seedlings in, but hold off planting seeds until late in the month, there just isn’t enough light, and they will become drawn and leggy. If you want to know which varieties I start first, read this article
  • Cut back any Autumn fruiting raspberry canes, – these are my favourite fruit, and i’m going to be adding more of these to the allotment this year!

Want to try growing your own cut flowers this year?

The end of February is when i start sowing seeds for this summer’s crop, and i’ll be hosting 2 workshops during February:

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