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A stroll around Sheepleas


Distance: Approx 3.5km (if you don’t get lost!!)

Time: Approx 1 hr (depending on how much you play!)

Ability: Easy (although one way is a steady incline)

Buggy friendly: Yes, but it can get really muddy. I tried it with my Uppababy on a muddy day and it struggled. Be best if you have an all terrain buggy

This route is fairly tricky to describe as there are lots of cross roads and different ways you can go at various points. I will do my best to describe the correct way. However, if you have a fairly good sense of direction then you should be ok. Otherwise there are a lot of dog walkers who can point you in the right direction if you get lost!


Start in the car park behind St Mary’s church on the A246.

From the car park walk with your back to the church, through the car park, out of the exit (with the church behind you.) There is a fairly obvious exit into Sheepleas. Make sure you take the gate on the left side, not the one straight in front of you.

You’ll know which is the correct gate as there is a sign to the left of it about dog walkers on Sheepleas.

Walk through here, onto Cowslip Meadow, which is marked by a name sign called Cowslip Meadow! Walk through here, keeping to the right and into a 100m tunnel of trees at the end, into a wide open space.

Follow the obvious path straight through the middle. Go straight ahead through what I call ‘kissing bar’ (like a kissing gate without the gate, presumably to keep cyclists out.  The bar should have the ‘Horsley Jubilee trail’ badge on it.

Follow the sign for the Shere road car park at the next junction and walk through the kissing bars saying ‘no bicycles’.

Stick to the fairly obvious path on the right and when you get to the end you’ll see a post on the left saying ‘Jubilee trail’ again. Take the right fork (don’t turn right, it’s about the 2 o’clock angle) and walk up the fairly steep hill.

You’ll see a brick ‘monument’ at the top of the hill. From here, on the right day you can get a great view of London.

Once you’ve stopped and waved Hello to the Queen, continue on past the monument and cut diagonally across the picnic area through the fabulous circle of tree (great for playing with kids) to a wooded area.

This bit is confusing so read carefully: Once through the wooded area, take the left fork for about 15 m. Turn left, walk 10 m, then take the right fork. Follow this path for about 10 mins. It takes you past lots of bramble bushes (great for blackberrying at the right time of year.) It loops around on a wide loop to the left, taking you back towards the main open space you crossed previously.

At a ‘junction’ you turn right – it’s fairly obvious – and you are essentially walking parallel to the open space you walked through previously (it’s on your left). Walk down here for a few hundred metres then turn left which takes you back to Cowslip meadow.l You then need to retrace your steps through Cowslip meadow and back to the car park.

If somehow you go the wrong way and end up continuing down towards the road again, it’s not a disaster as you will most likely just end up coming out onto the A246 close to the Duke of Wellington and you can just turn left onto the main road and walk back to the church.

Good luck!A stroll around Sheepleas

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