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Getting help in a crisis

Most people feel in emotional crisis at some time in their lives. For some this passes quite quickly but for others the feeling lasts for a while. If the feeling is overwhelming or you feel so distressed that you have thoughts of harming yourself or you feel you are at risk of harming others then you need to seek help urgently.

Are you in at crisis point?

If you don’t feel you can keep yourself safe right now, seek immediate help.

  • go to any hospital A&E department (sometimes known as the emergency department)
  • call 999 and ask for an ambulance if you can’t get to A&E
  • ask someone else to contact 999 for you or take you to A&E immediately

If you need some support right now, but don’t want to go to A&E, here are some other options for you to try:

  • contact the Samaritans on Freephone 116 123, they’re open 24 hours and are there to listen
  • Contact your GP for an emergency appointment or if your GP surgery is closed call the out of hours team, NHS 111 , on 111

If you aren’t at crisis point but just need some help and support, read more here.

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